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Update for Equine Fest

Vendors interested in Equine Fest can now register without paying the registration fees. 

For vendors that register between 11/2/19 - 11/6/19, at the time of registration, will have $0 registration fee with a good faith promise for a donation to Shining Light Equestrian (SLE) by the end of 11/9/19.

SLE understands that this is the first year for Equine Fest and it is hard to know if paying a registration fee will be worth it. We want to show you that it will be worth it for future events! 

We are so excited for the future of SLE and the events to come! Although this fundraising event is vital to SLE, it is equally important for us to show you how a partnership in business will be an asset to you! We care about our community and the small businesses that keep it going. Let's grow Knoxville together!

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Knoxville, TN

November 9, 2019

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