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David Ring


Valentine's Day

Harper Grace



405 Black Oak Dr
 Knoxville, TN 37912
Banquet  6:00-7:00
Event  7:15- 8:45
  • Banquet                               $25PP

  • Child Banquet (Ages 5-11)  $15PP

  • Event                                   $10PP

  • Childcare (Per Family)               $5

  • Sponsorship                            $25

Includes Entry To The Event

Includes Entry To The Event

Musical Performance and Speaker

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*  Banquet Tickets must be purchased by February 7th 

Love This Life Banquet :     6:00PM  -  7:00PM
  • Meet and Greet- Harper Grace and David Ring

  • Professional Photography

  • Meal

Musical Performance  :     7:15PM    -  7:45PM
  • Music by American Idol's Harper Grace

  • Testimony

Guest Speaker             :     7:45PM   -   8:45PM
  • Speech by David Ring

Harper's Tunes

God Of Wonders
Meant To Be
Harper's Corner
David's Corner

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