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What kind of events do we do?

Benefit Concerts

Charity Golf Tournaments

Running Events or Marathons

School Fundraisers


Corporate Events

Silent Auctions

Sporting Events


Holiday Parties


Beach Wedding
Wedding Table Setting
New Year's Party
Benefit Concert
Booking the Talent
Event Bar
Beach Wedding Canopy
Wedding Bride and Groom Table
Wedding Table Decoration
Running Event or Marathon

Other Event Planner Sites Show You This

The truth about event planning...

Event Planners show their websites with photos displaying the end result of events they may not have even organized.

They share embellished images that portray a dreamlike result. 


They don't show you the rain causing a venue to become a swamp merely two days before the event, or the lack of participation in volunteer assistance, or the contractors that fall through after rescheduling multiple times months prior to event day. They don't share the struggle in acquiring participants or donors. They do not show the limited budget events and the miracles they worked. 


They most likely have not faced adversity or are inexperienced in planning anything other than a wedding. Or they only plan events for organizations or people with deep pockets. What about the rest of those needing an event planner?​ 

GroFundz Inc.


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