What if you could share the love today without having to break the bank?
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Love This Life
Feb 14, 6:00 PM
Black Oak Heights Baptist Church
An Event You Don't Want To Miss!

Friday Is the last day to purchase banquet tickets!

No More Holiday Prob-Llamas...

We Are Making It Happen!!!!!
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We share the profit with people, not big retailers  

Do you have a family member that is struggling and you cannot afford to give the extra cash? Purchasing gifts for those on your gift list through GroFundz, allows us to spread the holiday spirit! 

We share profit with the fundraiser of your choice, or with someone you love!


What if you could do more than send a gift to family? Buy from our online store, we ship direct, and you can help them with a little extra cash.....because we share the profit!




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Event planning is not easy, takes a lot of time, and takes major organizational skills to pull it off with success. It's all about creating an unforgettable experience for your attendees.
We believe in making the process as painless as possible, while making your event a huge success! If you are successful everyone wins!

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Are you a vendor interested in one of our events?
We are always happy to bring new food vendors, arts and crafts, and unique products on board! We love diversity and 
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